Summer Driving Tips for Drivers of all Ages

Summer Driving Tips for Drivers of all Ages

The summer months are right around the corner and the unofficial start to summer, Memorial Day, is just weeks away. As the weather continues to improve, more and more cars will hit the roads of New York for vacations, day trips, weekend road trips and more. Make sure you have low-cost auto insurance in NY before every trip. Here are some important summer driving tips for drivers of all ages.

Put Down the Phone

This tip is not just for summer but is important throughout the year. Put down the phone. A text message, email or phone call is not that important that you should risk your life or the life of others. Distracted driving has quickly become an epidemic across the country. Do not become a statistic. Put the phone out of your reach when you drive to avoid all temptations.

Check Tires Prior to Trip

It’s always a good idea to check your vehicle’s tires prior to a trip. Make sure there is no uneven tread wear and that there are not nails or other items embedded in the tires. If you need to replace a tire, be sure to replace two tires on the same axle. Also, check the tires for correct pressure. If you need to add air to a tire, make sure you do not over-inflate it.

Avoid Driving in Storms

Much like you would during the winter, avoid driving in storms during the summer months. If you are already on the road, pull to the side or somewhere safe until the storm passes. Summer storms can pop-up out of nowhere and can be devastating. High winds, torrential rain, and hail can make it difficult to navigate the roads.

Be Mindful of Motorcycles

Better weather, with sunny skies and warm temperatures, means an increase in the number of motorcycles on the roads. Be mindful of them and leave plenty of room between your vehicle and a motorcycle.

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