Student Driver Discounts

Student Driver Discounts

Auto insurance is required to legally operate a motor vehicle in the state of New York. If you are pulled over and do not have the proper insurance, you can face fines, jail time and your vehicle can be impounded, leading to more fees that must be paid to have the vehicle returned to you. There is low cost car insurance in NY available for student drivers.

Good Grades Equal Good Rates

Now more than ever you need to study hard in school. Good grades in school can turn into good rates with your auto insurance company. No longer will you have to pay full price for an auto insurance policy as a young driver. Many rates for young drivers can be high, even with no driving record, due to your inexperience. But, with good grades, you can earn discounted rates.

If you can maintain a GPA of B or higher, you can obtain low cost car insurance in NY from NY Auto Quotes. You will need to provide the insurance company with proof of your grades after each semester in order to retain your discounted rates.

Use Savings for Books

An added benefit of receiving discounted car insurance rates in NY is that you can use the savings for your books next semester in school. We all know how expensive college textbooks are, so why not take the savings from your auto insurance policy and put it towards paying your textbook bill? It just makes sense. So long as you are in school and can provide the agency proof of your grades, you can obtain low cost auto insurance with a GPA of B or higher.

Contact our agency today to learn more about our student driver discounts and how you can acquire low cost car insurance in NY.


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