3 Reasons Convertibles Can Be More Expensive to Insure and How You Can Save on Auto Insurance in NY

3 Reasons Convertibles Can Be More Expensive to Insure and How You Can Save on Auto Insurance in NY

May is here, which means summer is just around the corner. What better time to own a convertible than now? You can drive with the top down, sun shining, and wind in your hair; an experience only a convertible can offer. Not only do convertibles make for a great driving experience, they also offer a comfortable amount of space, a suite of safety features, and are undeniably stylish.

While convertibles carry these features and more, they are generally more expensive to insure.  If you own a convertible and are looking for auto insurance quotes in NY, it’s important to understand the factors that impact insurance rates. Here are three things that can drive up insurance costs.

  1. Higher Purchasing PriceAs a rule of thumb, the higher the price of the vehicle, the more expensive to insure. Convertibles cost more to buy than comparable hardtop models. For example, a convertible Audi costs an additional $3,000 than the standard hardtop version. Reasons for the higher price include:
    • Mechanisms: The technology and components needed to create a convertible top are more expensive than the parts needed to create a hardtop.
    • Repairs: Convertibles are often more expensive to repair due to their specialized parts. The increased costs associated with repairing or replacing parts can boost insurance rates.
    • Weight: Convertibles weigh more than traditional cars due to the added parts necessary to maneuver the top.
    • Classification: Convertibles tend to fall in the sports and luxury cars group, and these types of vehicles are more expensive to insure than family vehicles.
  2. More Prone to Weather Damage

    Convertible tops don’t have the same strength of a permanent roof and may not handle harsh weather like heavy rain and snow as well. Roofs may leak, which can damage the interior. Prolonged exposure to the sun’s rays can also harm the interior. Manufacturers compensate for this by adding reinforcements and advanced safety features, which can drive up insurance rates.

  3. High Theft Rate

    Convertibles are a popular target for thieves. They are more prone to robbery than hardtop vehicles because they are easier to break into. The more likely your car will be stolen, the higher your insurance premium.

Save on Convertible Auto Insurance in NY

Now the question is how do you get convertible car insurance without paying an arm and a leg? The most efficient way to make sure you get the best insurance rate for your convertible is to speak with an auto insurance specialist who can give you real car insurance quotes in NY. The specialist will discuss the options available and the protection offered, and any discounts you are eligible for.


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