Choose Local Boat Insurance Provider For Insight Into State-Specific Rules And Regulations

Choose Local Boat Insurance Provider For Insight Into State-Specific Rules And Regulations

A trip around the lake or crashing over waves upon the open ocean is how some people want to spend their summer. For boat or jet ski owners, these few months of favorable conditions provide for weekends away from home and the opportunity to explore the wild blue yonder. As with most things mechanized, there are a few stipulations you must account for before heading out and failing to do so could leave you in hot water. We’re talking about boat insurance and while the requirements vary from state to state, it would be unfortunate to make an assumption about your state only to learn that you were wrong and end up facing a hefty fine as a result.

According to New York’s department of motor vehicles, the overarching rule is that you’ll need to register this watercraft if it has a motor. It doesn’t matter if that motor is powered by electricity or fuel – the rule still applies. There are four ways to know if you won’t have to register your boat or jet ski in New York. According to the DMV, they are: If your boat is a lifeboat, if it is registered in another state and not kept in New York for more than 90 days per year, if it’s a commercial vehicle of if it’s a race vehicle. As with any trip to any DMV in any state, it’s also good to know what documentation you’ll need for registration. This includes a title application, proof of ownership, your state-issued ID, a bill of sale and a way to pay for registration.

When it comes to insuring your boat, the waters get a little murkier. Boat insurance is one of those things where you’ll wish you had it when you really need it. While not a state-run website, does offer this insightful tid-bit: “One of the biggest reasons people might not purchase boat insurance is the misunderstanding that boats are covered under their home insurance policy. While your home insurance policy may provide very limited coverage to smaller boats on your property, the general rule of thumb is most large items that have their own specific type of insurance available to them can only be covered by that specific insurance.” The rules that surround jet ski insurance can also prove frustrating until you learn the basics. According to NY Auto Quotes, jet ski owners don’t need to ensure their craft for usage purposes. However, an auto insurance policy typically extends to damages sustained during towing to and from the body of water while boat insurance covers an accident during the loading into and out of the water. again offers a considerable amount of information for those looking to get their jet ski covered due to the risk of riding and possibility of an accident or mechanical failure.

For owners of watercraft that must be registered and insured, it’s important to pick a company that is local and knows the rules and regulations for your state. Given the fact that no dock or marina will even allow you to store your watercraft there without insurance, it would appear that obtaining coverage is almost a necessity. New Yorkers looking forward to the remaining summer months spent relaxing on their boat can turn to outlets like NY Auto Quotes for state-specific advice and information on liability, penalties and other laws.


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